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Greetings, Welcome, and Thanks for Being Here!

Life Insights gathers the deepest of ancient mystery school teachings and brings them together with:

  • the latest in Higher Learning and Mind Change
  • Mind Sciences and Consciousness training
  • Mental and Emotional processing ...Trauma Release
  • Quantum Physics and Quantum Thought

Life Insights - What We Do

Based on the work of Scout Bartlett, Life Insights offers: corporate communications consulting and hiring evaluations classes, lectures, and events personal one-on-one Life Coaching and psychic readings all to unfold the areas in your life which have been ... folded... and let you experience a life reflecting what you've had inside you.

Join Scout at the New Living Expo - "Aligning Energy into Your True Life Path"

Cost: 30.00 USD

April 28, 2017 5:00 pm - 5:45 pm

   |   Class    |    New Living Expo - San Mateo Event Center - Room 1

New Living Expo - San Mateo Event Center - Room 1, San Mateo

Scout will be teaching at the New Living Expo on April 28th -- "Aligning Energy into Your True Life Path." Join him for a guidance-filled session and learn how to focus your energy to your optimal life path.

General admission tickets to the Expo can be purchased at http://newlivingexpo.com/buy-ticket/ or at the Box Office upon arrival. Your Expo general admission ticket includes entry to Scout's class.

Stay Tuned for Scout's 2017 Teaching Schedule!


May 05, 2017 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

   |   Workshop    |    In a BART-friendly location.

In a BART-friendly location.

Check back for more details on when Scout's next session of the healing class begins.
the healing class is the premiere class, the cornerstone of the Life Insights Teachings. In 10 evenings, you will gain the tools and training that will create a brand new "normal" in your life. Learn tools and practices that will enable you to be centered and strong. Both during class and beyond, these tools will transform your every day reality. - See more at: http://www.ifidknownthen.com/training/classes#sthash.6tsucjhb.dpuf