the healing class is the premiere class, the cornerstone of the Life Insights Teachings. In 10 evenings, you will gain the tools and training that will create a brand new "normal" in your life. Learn tools and practices that will enable you to be centered and strong. Both during class and beyond, these tools will transform your every day reality.

Scout Bartlett has been recognized as an expert in transforming lives. His Manifestation classes and intensives give you the tools with which you can absolutely expand your possibilities. But, the most remarkable part is, at the same time, Scout unhooks the past programming that has held you back, or 'in place.' With those inner programs, imprints and impressions released, you move forward, experiencing synchronistic winfalls and opportunities as well as an inner "knowing you can" ... like you never have before. The testamonial stories from these extended classes, adn shorter intenvives are amazing ... perhaps beyond belief, until you have the experiences yourself.

Free your energy from the patterns imposed upon it in childhood. Retrieve and revive your sense of magic, of possibility, that unlimited sense of wonder and your own possibilities.

Re-own the exquisite magical creative ability of the inner child. Retrieve and revive your sense, of possibility of magic; that unlimited sense of wonder.

Release your inner ability to believe. Live life in the energy pattern of your own magic being real.

Reopen the flow from Mother Earth to your soul.

Let your adult self lean on the inner sweetness that is you."

Prerequisite: the healing class

Giving your spirituality practices traction in your real life.

Have you been asking yourself "If I’m so advanced, why does my life suck?"

We recommend the Excellence Series – this class is a series of Energetic Healing Treatments that will...

The Yin Side of Healing (Daughter of Healing) builds on the foundation of The Healing Class with an emphasis on connection and belonging. Feel and strengthen your oneness with the world around you.

Prerequisite: The Healing Class

Build your ability to shift into state - to get out of your head and out of your own way. Step out of the turbulence of everyday thinking and into the clear flow of higher wisdom.

This 10-evening transformational experience speaks to your primary energy centers. Each week, this class uses tone and chant to bring your energy centers into resonance, freeing them to vibrate freely and naturally and tuning them to each other to create a single vibrational experience. Truly a remarkable experience.

There's a reason this class is called FUN. Each week, you'll fly to a new level, expanding and absorbing the energies and lessons to be found there.

A mini vacation for the soul. Learn to set aside the burdens of the mind and find the you that is separate from your problems, lessons, and karma.

The Yang Side of Healing (Son of Healing) builds on the foundation of The Healing Class, with an emphasis on the yang aspect of your energy flow.

Take your commitment to your spiritual growth to the next level. Advanced Studies is the laboratory in which Life Insights teachings are formulated and brought into being. This is the latest and greatest of what Scout is learning passed directly to you.

A full year commitment to expanding a consciousness and energetic broadcast from which to own a room and teach.

Add Exceleration Treatments to your professional healing practice or just amp up your ability to work on yourself. Whatever your goals, Exceleration Treatment Practitioner Training is an in-depth look at the foundations of the Exceleration Treatments.