Scout BartlettAn experience with Scout is creative, cosmic and life altering ... change your mind, literally ...

Laughter and "ah-ha's" ... some of which, people tell us, you'll remember the rest of your lives.

Scout Bartlett, BSEE
Yup, trained as an engineer (you never really get over that...) and now, frequently referred to as one of the nations most respected Practical Mystics. Ancient wisdom, brought live, useful and current time.

"Scout is well known as a great teacher and powerful healer..."
Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha -- NY Times Best 
Selling Author of "The Power of Soul"

" of the most respected Practical Mystics of our Generation"
Jim McMillen -- "One From the Heart"

"You have a Very Bright Light ...  your Channel is the same as mine  ..."
Betty Bethards -- Mystic, Teacher and 
Author of the best seller "The Dream Book"

"...Of Course your intuition is coming wide open, with the successes in your personal consciousness training..."
"Scout's Great..."
Paul Larsen --Founder of Summit Workshops
Scout is based in Northern California and is a frequent guest on radio 
and TV there.

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