LEAP, the Life-Insights Energy Assistance Program, offers 10 weeks of daily alignments, plus an extra alignment each week. LEAP focuses on the power that alignments have on your life. LEAP energetically supports you when you want to leap forward in life.

LEAP was founded in 2016 by 4 Advanced Accredited Life Insights teachers wishing to explore the benefits to participants who had their core energy beam brought into alignment consistently over a period of time. The LIVE beam alignment is the core of the Life Insights Teachings developed by Scout Bartlett.

These senior teachers (Rose Ann Duncan-Charnley, Ellen Henson, Tina Solinas, Susan Thompson) are delighted to offer LEAP. They come with decades of experience teaching and living these alignments. They have found that working together brings a depth of energy which offers participants the possibility for profound change. They know that when the 4 of them put their focus and attention on you, with daily alignments over a period of 10 weeks, it will impact your life.

For more information: LEAPwithLight.com