Rose Ann Duncan-Charnley

Rose Ann Duncan-Charnley, A.A.L.I.T., LEAP Teacher

Rose Ann Duncan-Charnley is an Advanced Accredited Life Insights Teacher (A.A.L.I.T.). For more than 40 years, Rose Ann has studied and put into practice the energy healing and metaphysical wisdom from many different disciplines. She has worked with the Life Insights Teachings of Scout Bartlett since 1995. “It is my profound honor to offer to others the gifts of my studies and my spiritual journey over the course of my life.”

In addition to teaching ‘the healing class’, the foundational work of Life Insights, Rose Ann is a co-founder and current teacher of LEAP. She is a Reiki Master and a Soul Healer. Rose Ann currently offers distant healing sessions using both Reiki and Soul Healing. She is a strong, clear channel who provides spiritual wisdom.