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Life Insights gathers the deepest of ancient mystery school teachings and brings them together with:

  • the latest in Higher Learning and Mind Change
  • Mind Sciences and Consciousness training
  • Mental and Emotional processing ...Trauma Release
  • Quantum Physics and Quantum Thought

Life Insights - What We Do

Based on the work of Scout Bartlett, Life Insights offers: corporate communications consulting and hiring evaluations classes, lectures, and events personal one-on-one Life Coaching and psychic readings all to unfold the areas in your life which have been ... folded... and let you experience a life reflecting what you've had inside you.

Workshop evenings with Scout? We have, and he'd love to see you there for this one...

"... Are you going to be doing that great Thanksgiving Holiday workshop where you get us all expanded and charged up with energy, then send us out into the holidays that way??? Please? ..." Yup

Tonight, Wednesday Evening,
Nov 24-- 7:30pm Calif Time
Worldwide on Zoom
the(we lost count) very Many-ith annual 

Thanksgiving Eve 
a Sensitive Lifetime, Even
Around your Family


This year, in particular, are you feeling an energy slump, tender emotions, lack of drive heading into the holidays at the end of the year?
Have you ever felt upset or uncomfortable around family or friends, especially during holiday gatherings?

In this life changing workshop, Scout Bartlett will recharge your etheric energy batteries and teach you energetic tools and techniques to help you be you at your best and not be triggered by how other people are being around you.

jump in and join us.. like, in the 'now,' no matter 

Where On Earth You Are?

Wednesday Nov 14th
the 14th
 (nearly annual)
CReCharge your Energy Batteries 
Surviving a Sensitive Lifetime
Even Around Your Family

Evening Workshop with Scout 

7:30-9:00 pm PDT

(the room will open at 7:15 for 'tea' ... social time)

Suggested donation
$20/whole 'household'
or "watching party" 
Invite your 'pod' friends 

Click Here for Thanksgiving Eve donation

We'll have a donation button in the 'chat'
(and hope to get one set up on our webpage... 'vertical learning curve')


Thanksgiving Eve zoom link

First Friday Spirit Talks

or as Scout likes to say, "Have a Psychic for Lunch Noon-Zoom"

a lovely and lively panel experience on Zoom with
Scout Bartlett *** Clairsentient Teacher, Coach, Healer, and Etheric Engineer
Rev. Ginny Brown *** Clairvoyant Teacher, Coach, and Healer
Christopher Mitchel *** Astrologer and Host
the First Friday of Every month (California time) at Noon (California Time)

(the zoom room opens at 11:55)click here for this and previous First Friday Spirit Talks on You Tube  ---
 Next Live First Friday Spirit Talk Dec 3  Zoom Link when we are presenting live!

or if the above link doesn't do it, you can paste in your browser window
Password: 1stfriday

These events are free and we gladly accept donations contributing toward promotion & production (or lunch for the team)
(please also check out (and click 'subscribe') our First Friday Spirit Talks Archive on YouTube)
Please check out our YouTube Archive and click subscribe

UPCOMING FIRST FRIDAY SPIRIT TALKS ("Have a Psychic for Lunch Noon Zoom")
(put them in your electronic calendar 'recurring First Friday each month')

 Dec 3

Jan 7  Feb 4  Mar 4  April 1 (seriously no foolin') May 6  June 3  July 1  Aug 5  


Halloween Night ... Sunday October 31st
14th (nearly) Annual:
"Ghost's Stories: Life After Death and Before"
Insights Evening

We have the Video or the Audio recordings of the Halloween event available
for $15 ... 

You can click the 'donate' button and select $15 ... be sure to send us a note letting us know you ordered the video or audio recordings. We'll send the file on HighTail file servers!
Happy Life Before and Beyond ...

----$15 for the Audio or Video zoom recording


Requested Donations:

Schedule a one-on-one Session with Scout

Scout is available by phone or on-line every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and the 1st Saturday of the month

For Tuesday or Wednesday phone or "Zoom" sessions

please text or call +1 925 207-4225

We are Rolling out CLICK TO BOOK on-line bookings ...
initially just for Thursdays and first Saturday of the month appointments

Click the link below, scroll down and choose a 'size' of appointment (amount of time) then the system will show you the available times for that 'size' :

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