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Life Insights gathers the deepest of ancient mystery school teachings and brings them together with:

  • the latest in Higher Learning and Mind Change
  • Mind Sciences and Consciousness training
  • Mental and Emotional processing ...Trauma Release
  • Quantum Physics and Quantum Thought

Life Insights - What We Do

Based on the work of Scout Bartlett, Life Insights offers: corporate communications consulting and hiring evaluations classes, lectures, and events personal one-on-one Life Coaching and psychic readings all to unfold the areas in your life which have been ... folded... and let you experience a life reflecting what you've had inside you.

Schedule a one-on-one Session with Scout

Scout is available by phone or on-line every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and the 1st Saturday of the month and plans to return to face-to-face as soon as it's safe for everyone.

For Tuesday or Wednesday phone or "Zoom" sessions

please text or call +1 925 207-4225

We are Rolling out CLICK TO BOOK on-line bookings ... initially just for Thursdays and first Saturday of the month appointments

(Note: for Oct 2020, Scout's Saturday sessions will be Saturday Oct 10)--

Click the link below, scroll down and choose a 'size' of appointment (amount of time) then the system will show you the available times for that 'size' :
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