Life Insights Exceleration Treatment Series
Available in individual and group format

Coaching sessions, Excelleration Treatments and Private Sessions with Scout are all conveniently available by phone, with all the energy work and all the power you would experience in person... from anywhere in the world.

Numerous clients have found the Excellence series, a series of 11 Excelleration Treatments, designed to lift the upper limits across all areas in your life, such an excellent investment in themselves at the $2200 fee to receive the series individually. In fact, several clients have found it to be such a great investment, they've paid to repeat the series more than once with Scout.

Interested in Excelerating your life now? The complete recordings of the two day Exceleration Workshop are available for download in the store; click here. You can also hear Scout explain the series.

After a number of years, Scout has developed the energetic levels needed to perform the same treatments in a group format, to make them more accessible for those of us who find it more accessible to invest more work and less cash..

In the individual series, Scout does the work of individualizing the treatments, in the group format, he does the work to generalize the treatments and guides us all in how to individualize the treatments for ourselves, as he leads them. You do a bit more of 'the work' and that makes the Series available for the super price of $396.

To schedule an individual session, or enroll in the group class, you can call 925-676-5189, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or email us through the 'contact us' page). ()