Rose Ann Duncan-Charnley

Rose Ann Duncan-Charnley, A.A.L.I.T., LEAP Teacher

Rose Ann Duncan-Charnley is an Advanced Accredited Life Insights Teacher (A.A.L.I.T.). For more than 40 years, Rose Ann has studied and put into practice the energy healing and metaphysical wisdom from many different disciplines. She has worked with the Life Insights Teachings of Scout Bartlett since 1995. “It is my profound honor to offer to others the gifts of my studies and my spiritual journey over the course of my life.”

In addition to teaching ‘the healing class’, the foundational work of Life Insights, Rose Ann is a co-founder and current teacher of LEAP. She is a Reiki Master and a Soul Healer. Rose Ann currently offers distant healing sessions using both Reiki and Soul Healing. She is a strong, clear channel who provides spiritual wisdom.

Ellen Henson

Ellen Henson,
A.A.L.I.T., LEAP Teacher

Ellen Henson is an Advanced Accredited Life Insights Teacher (A.A.L.I.T.). Ellen has been co-creating with Nature since she was young. As she engages in the myriad aspects of this connection, her work continues to offer ways for others to refresh, rejuvenate and re-energize. A continuous thread through her life has been energy. For 30 years, Ellen has offered hand analysis, reading soul and personality information. She is founder of Animal Beacons of Light. As a Reiki Master, Ellen teaches all levels of Reiki. She is an Essence Master and creator of over 900 New Perspectives Essences for personal transformation. In 2005, she founded and is Director of the 20 Dancing Dragons Mystery School of Self Mastery.

Ellen began her association with Life Insights Teachings in 1996. She has taught foundation level and graduate classes since 2000. Together with Tina Solinas, she created Life Insights manuals for 3 of the graduate level classes and the Teacher Training Program. She is a co-founder and current teacher of LEAP.

Ellen’s classes and individual sessions, in-person and remotely, draw from all her various modalities of energy work as appropriate.

Tina Solinas

Tina Solinas,
A.A.L.I.T., LEAP Teacher

Tina Solinas is an Advanced Accredited Life Insights Teacher (A.A.L.I.T.) who has worked with the Life Insights Teachings since 1995. She is a co-founder and current teacher of LEAP, and teaches an array of Life Insights classes. Together with Ellen Henson, she created Life Insights manuals for 3 of the graduate level classes and the Teacher Training Program.

Tina continues to study metaphysical realities with many gifted people, including Hawaiian and Peruvian Shamans. She weaves these teachings into her healing practice. Hawaiian Stones work allows people to see underlying reasons for situations, while clearing it of blockages, allowing people to move forward cleanly. In her personal sessions, Tina sees energetic flows within people, using flows to clear out old issues.

Tina has spent her life helping people empower themselves, both as a political activist and in her career in education. She created a summer school for farmworker children. As a teacher, reading specialist, and administrator, she has helped those she worked with to acknowledge and develop their talents.

A vibrant soul, Tina offers classes and personal sessions for energetic healing. Whether in person or by phone, she guides individuals into a place of peacefulness and joy.

Susan Thompson

Susan Thompson,
A.A.L.I.T., LEAP Teacher

Susan Thompson is an Advanced Accredited Life Insights Teacher (A.A.L.I.T.). From an early age, Susan has been drawn to transcendent and spiritual teachings, and has studied with various spiritual teachers. She lovingly shares her knowledge of yoga, healing arts, meditation, Reiki, nature, music, and shamanism to bring people to a peaceful and positive place in their lives.

Susan founded an ashram at age 20, opened her own healing center offering alternative healing practices, and wrote two nonfiction books in the Silk Stalkings series. While she was working in the medical science world, Susan merged her career with metaphysical healing into a system of energetic and scientific support. Since 2010, she has served as a co-director of the 20 Dancing Dragons Mystery School of Self-Mastery.

The Life Insights Teachings found Susan in South Africa in 2005. With great enthusiasm and joy, she teaches ‘the healing class’, Son of Healing, and is a co-founder and current teacher of LEAP.

Carole Amos

Carole Amos, A.L.I.T.

Carole Amos specializes in connecting products with the people who need them. Born with ‘engineering brain’, she has over 20 years of experience marketing and launching high-tech products and services into the sales channel in the U.S. and international markets. In tech companies, her specialties have been channel marketing, product marketing, and sales operations.

She has been a Life Insights student for 5 years, finding it invaluable to her personal growth. She is delighted to be able to teach the energy work, tools and techniques to others so that they may also step into their flow and experience life from their highest selves.

Lisa Loud

Lisa Loud, A.L.I.T.

Lisa Loud is a corporate executive, entrepreneur, wife, and mother of four, including two teenagers. After working as a software engineer in large corporations in the Bay Area for many years, she decided to start her own company in 2007, which has grown into a successful national corporation.

Lisa has worked with youth for many years, taking them on work trips here and abroad, and leading them in wilderness experiences in backpacking, rock climbing, and sea kayaking. She has studied with Life Insights for 4 years, and became an Accredited Life Insights Teacher trainer in 2014. She is excited to share this powerful work with others, especially teens, who can benefit so deeply from the skills they learn.

Louis Sirico

Louis Sirico, A.L.I.T.

Louis began practicing the Life Insights tools in 2011 and became an Accredited Life Insights Teacher in March 2014. He is a ninth-degree Grandmaster and certified teacher in DivineYu Usui Reiki. He is also trained in kundalini, Kabbalistic, and ancient Tibetan Priest healing practices. Grandmaster Lou has spent more than two decades incorporating these practices into aspects of everyday life and is very happy to share these amazing life-improving skills with everyone. He currently teaches The Healing Class, Reiki Levels 1, 2, & 3 (Master level), provides Exceleration treatments to individuals and groups, as well as private sessions.

Louis' life accomplishments include 20+ years as a C-Level executive, a former host of a cable television series, husband, and father.  He has lived and worked in the US, Canada, Europe, Russia, Asia, and the middle-east. Louis has appeared on CNN, CNBC / MSN, CBS News, Fox News, taught hundreds of classes, authored and published hundreds of technical articles for The New York Times, the MIT Enterprise Forum, Neikki, and even published a hardcover book.  He’s held positions in tech start-ups, Fortune 10 companies, and the FBI Crime Lab. He has been nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year, and bought/sold multiple companies.