Giving your spirituality practices traction in your real life.

Have you been asking yourself "If I’m so advanced, why does my life suck?"

We recommend the Excellence Series – this class is a series of Energetic Healing Treatments that will...

  • Remove the upper end limits all the way across your life in 11 segments
  • Clear out what has kept your thought processes limited

The treatment itself rewires your energy pattern so that those subconscious thoughts no longer trigger those limits.

A description from on of our participants:

The Excellence Series is 11 consecutive Excelleration Healing Energy Treatments, in group class format, in which the teacher enters your energy stream and literally rewrites the limiting subconscious patterns for you. These treatments take out the upper limits of what you even thought you could do, or try for.

This Excellence Series a series of Energetic Healing Treatments, called Excelleration Treatments, that build on each other over 11 sessions.

One way to describe the Excelleration Series is that these treatments take out the upper limits of what you thought you could do. They rewire your energy pattern so that old subconscious thoughts no longer trigger your previous limits.

At the end of each class, you walk out feeling deeply relaxed and hopeful.

During the week, between classes, students often find places in their lives that begin to shift, sometimes in subtle ways and often in more obvious ways. Actual measurable results, week to week, and well beyond.

The Excelleration Energetic Healing Treatments are powerful yet mere words can't describe the depth of what they can do, so they often invite you to come to a first session of the class, to actually experience an Excelleration Treatment, as a free session. When you have that opportunity, don't miss it.

In those cases you decide you want to go ahead with the 11 treatments, in a class format, or as an individual client, either way you'll be amazed at how you feel and at the changes that are possible.

The full class typically includes access to recordings of these Excelleration Energetic Healing Treatments, for the students to use again and again, to deepen the healing work.