A mini vacation for the soul. Learn to set aside the burdens of the mind and find the you that is separate from your problems, lessons, and karma.

Day-to-day life is all about life lessons, karma, and working through the lingering effects of past experiences. While these worldly burdens are the weights that build strong, healthy life muscles, carrying them often drains strength from our inner connection. This altered-state training will show you how to set aside your burdens, so you can recharge your spirit and strengthen your awareness of your essential self as separate from your lessons.

  • Strengthen your awareness of, and connection to, your core essence
  • Take a mini vacation from your life's curriculum.
  • Get to know your essential self, separate from what you're here to learn.
  • Recharge your core essence

The results of these practices have garnered rave reviews from class members. You'll return to this set of altered-state practices again and again as a way to add free vacation time to your busy life.