the healing class is the premiere class, the cornerstone of the Life Insights Teachings. In 10 evenings, you will gain the tools and training that will create a brand new "normal" in your life. Learn tools and practices that will enable you to be centered and strong. Both during class and beyond, these tools will transform your every day reality.

Because the class is entirely energy based, it will build from wherever you are in your personal development. Whether this is the first personal growth experience you've ever tried or the next step in a 20-year practice, you'll expand to the next level and see you in a whole new light... Glowing!

This fabulous life-, energy-, and consciousness-expanding training has well over 5000 graduates. Many years after completing the training, graduates are still raving about using this set of energy tools as their personal foundation. It is a breakthrough experience in personal awareness and spiritual opening no matter what background you bring to it. Your default energy state will expand to a new normal.

Give yourself the gift of your life transformed.

Prerequisites: Must be at least a mature 17 years of age.

If you would like a sample, here's a gift to you from Life Insights, an entire workshop: Introduction to Healing and Energy. (You need to login on the right. If you haven't already, register for an account, it doesn't cost anything. ---->>>>)

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