Scout Bartlett, Practical Mystic, Scout Bartlett featured on the Spiritual Perspectives radio show interviews Janet Hegarty and discusses How to Make Change for the Better.

About Janet Hegarty, CSB

As a child and young adult growing up in St. Louis, I felt life was a mystery; the future was unknown and the present a string of random events. Some of life was good; much of it scary.
In college I studied music composition at Washington University, in St. Louis. Then I moved to Chicago, where I earned a master’s degree in music, and was introduced to Christian Science.
My growing understanding of how Christian Science explains existence took the mystery out of living and removed my fear. This new light so changed my life that it stirred in me a desire to help others find healing.
My first step in this direction was to take Primary class instruction in 1985. By this time I had married, started a commercial music business with my husband, and relocated to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. We started a family and a few years later returned to the Chicago area with two toddlers.
Family life and the business offered many opportunities to apply what I had learned in Primary class, and healings followed. I left the business to enter the practice and was listed in The Christian Science Journal in 1994. In 1998 we returned to St. Louis. I took Normal class in 2009.
I have served The Mother Church as Advertising Representative for The Christian Science Monitor in Wisconsin, as Regional Sales Representative for Science and Health in Chicago, and as Focus Coordinator in St. Louis. I also enjoy contributing to the periodicals.
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