Scout Bartlett, Practical Mystic, Scout Bartlett featured on the Spiritual Perspectives radio show, interviews Andrew Brewis and discusses Healing Solutions to Life's Challenges.

About Andrew Brewis

Andrew hails from England and is a member of the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters. He has been a professional pianist, singer, songwriter, teacher, and cabaret artist for 30 years. Andrew is equally at home entertaining in the intimate surroundings of a piano bar as he is performing on stage, radio, and television.

A lifelong Christian Scientist, Andrew knows that all his inspiration comes directly from a higher source. “When I leave myself out of the composing process, the ideas, melodies and arrangements just flow seamlessly with no apparent human effort ….. it is such a joy.”

Music reaches beyond denominational borders; it is often able to lift, heal and connect with people of various beliefs or of no particular faith.

"I think that music is able to spiritually prod and poke us, stirring, awakening, and ultimately heal".

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