Practical Mystic, Scout Bartlett, presenting the 2023 Mystery School series, ReOpening the Heart and the Five Basic Rules of Love.

A part of what makes these workshops the level of mystery school, is Scout's embodiment of the etheric energetic flow of the concepts he is teaching. This embodiment moves the participant (even with the recordings) toward that energetic state within themselves ... thus their mental processing of the concepts being taught, are supported and elevated by their etheric body learning the same energetic state. Enjoy. Part of the amazing mysteries of being alive ... is the energy flow underpinning all of the 'reality' experience ... and how that flows even when replaying these recordings.

You can experiment by putting on the recording, in the background somewhere... while you're doing other things, if you choose.
Then, notice your emotional and energetic state at the completion of the presentation... 

Treat yourself with love, you truly are a loved one.



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