Practical Mystic, Scout Bartlett, presenting the 2023 Mystery School series, The Exceleration Treatment.

This month's mystery school workshop is in 3 parts.

An introduction to the Exceleration Treatment and the 'set up,' Going through choosing the area of life you'd like to work in, and setting up the "limitation" memories and the "in my own flow"  focus points.

The Exceleration Treatments are very dear to my heart as an amazing tool. See more here: 

The results we've seen from individual treatments and from the full Excellence Series (an 11-treatment cycle through live) have been way beyond expectations.

This month in the Monthly Mystery School I've presented an outline of the treatments, then given you a full Exceleration Treatment ... that you can "aim" at any area of life you'd choose.

The treatment is .. well... not a good idea to play while driving.. but can be used as a conscious meditation and reinforced by using it to take you into sleep. It will actually expand the amount of rest you get from your sleep.

You are welcome to download them to your device.

Thank you for your support of me, and of Life Insights, the teachings, and the work. You are so much appreciated.

Love and light.


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