"During the class, I began to feel different, and positive changes started to occur, both in my personal life and my business. At first, I thought it was just coincidence. Then, I accepted that it was the class transforming me for the better. That's when the really big changes started happening."
Louis S -- TV Show Host

"Scout has the ability to remain " neutral ". I can't remember being in the presence of someone who has such a gentle perspective towards others.

That is a special quality I experienced when I was part of the Healing Class.

In a group of 14, there were many (wonderful) and diverse personalities and views. Egos big and small. And yes, the Scout Man has a good strong one as well. However, when it came to Healing issues that surfaced, or personal information that was shared, he ALWAYS maintained a deep connection to the work he was sharing. Scout has a truly remarkable gift of compassion towards others.

I am changed, so to speak, as a result of the Healing Class. Once the door is opened, the door is open."
Lola -- Designer

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