Practical Mystic, Scout Bartlett, featured on the Life Insights Live radio show discusses the Third Chakra --- our Center of Power and Magnetism

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Seventh Chakra- Crown of our head- our sense of Purpose and connection to highest self (05/25/2020) 
Sixth Chakra- our intuitive synthesis of ideas and 6th sense (05/18/2020)
Fifth Chakra- The throat center, Reading between the Lines, and Being Heard, and Recognized (04/20/2020)
Fourth Chakra- The Heart Center: Beauty, Joy, Love, and Presence (04/13/2020)
Third Chakra- our Center of Power and Magnetism (04/06/2020)
Second Chakra- the center of our feeling belonging and connected to self (03/23/2020)
First Chakra- seat of our sense of self (03/16/2020)

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